We Are Business Capital Innovators



The mm1TechnologyFund is a private capitalization and consultancy firm.  We invest in early-stage digital technology companies, globally.  Our market focus is Digital Futures. 

Leveraging our proprietary strategy in tandem with our exclusive capital market partners, we bring an unconventional approach to raising business capital. 

Capitalization, requires patience and skill.  While traditional approaches prevail, there are more creative, forward-thinking strategies.  If you are fortunate enough to have a business that has market share, revenue, a proven product or service and customers, the leading market players are at your disposal and happy to work with you.

What if you have developed a solution that addresses a market need but you lack the aforementioned?  You would be considered ‘Unique’, an ‘Innovator’ a ‘Disrupter’; but not a good risk.  Innovation, competition, and variety are the bedrock of standard economic principals. 

We live in a complex world.  Today, capital markets favor established, predictable and easier-to-fund enterprises.  Less attention is afforded many important innovators and great ideas.

We have a solution.

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Something Special

Capital Raising Amplified:  A unique collaboration with global capital accelerators, sets the mm1TechnologyFund apart. 

Accelerated Returns

We are the only Investment Fund of its kind that aligns with sources positioned at the cutting edge of investment technologies.

Unique Investment Strategy

We invest in people and solutions that benefit society.  Through our efforts, we hope to curate a better life experience.

People Power

Our Team perspective:  We need less mediocrity and escapism technologies and more solutions that address the worlds overwhelming challenges.

Our Parnters

Our ‘edge’ partners bring years of international capital raising expertise.  We are a potent professional synergy.  

Tell the world

We look for cutting-edge opportunities.  Reach out if you have something you think we should see, or to simply share your enthusiasm!