A Unique Approach to Capital Formation


Capital formation or ‘capital acquisition’, requires patience and skill.  While traditional approaches prevail, there are more creative, forward-thinking strategies.  If you are fortunate enough to have a business that has market share, revenue, a proven product or service and customers, the leading market players are at your disposal and happy to work with you.

But what if you have a special product or service that successfully addresses a market need but you lack the aforementioned?  You would be considered ‘Unique’, an ‘Innovator’ a ‘Disrupter’; but not a good risk.  Innovation, competition, and variety are the bedrock of standard economic principals.  Unfortunately, we live in a complex world.  Today, capital markets favor established, predictable and easier-to-fund enterprises.  Less attention is afforded to many important innovators and great ideas. 

At the mm1TechnologyFund, we are intimately aware of the current state of affairs.  Drawing on our experience, knowledge and exhaustive research, we designed an innovative approach which culminated with our proprietary high yield investment program (HYIP).  

Our HYIP value proposition is compelling:  Provide significant returns, be reliable, stable and safe.  Leverage an accelerated short/long-term ROI strategy with equity participation as an optionThis unique approach ensures quick returns on investor dollars and rapid access to investment liquidity for our clients.

What defines long-term and short-term investments? Long-term investments are those vehicles that you intend to hold for more than one year.  In fact, you generally intend to hold them for several years. On the other hand, you usually hold short-term investments for one year or less. 

We offer a fresh approach:  Our Short or Long Term strategies guarantee interest compounding – unique to the industry.  As an exclusive added benefit, Investors, while enjoying the benefits of compounding, can also hold an equity position – unique to the industry.  

Forensic analysis proves that an upside market opportunity exists for an innovative approach to short/long-term capital investment strategy such as ours.

The primary concern for any Investor is: ‘How are my funds protected?’  We apply enhanced risk assessment and management strategies. 

The Funds bank-level financial software platform ensures that both Investor and Funds’ interests are protected and risk of loss is mitigated to the extent possible.  We cannot guarantee that events outside the bounds of our control could expose either Investor or the Fund to loss.  However, we feel confident that our security and financial protection solutions will provide the necessary protections against such occurrences. 

All funds are secure within the framework of our platform at all times.  We have created a deposit/return ‘lock-down’ protocol prior to conclusion of the program term.  The Fund does not have access to any Investor-controlled funds at any time until the program term is complete and the Fund and Investor qualify to receive their respective returns.  Profits are then distributed to the parties at the same time.

It is said that ‘Beauty is in Simplicity’ and ‘Less is More’.  We agree and applied these principals when configuring our unique Investment Program.  We culled the best characteristics of high yield, alternative and traditional approaches to capital acquisition and created a framework that provides accelerated returns with an added benefit that includes equity.  

The mm1TechnologyFund is a safe, reliable, robust and easy-to-understand Investment Program.  

Statistically, high yield investment programs are not used for capital formation purposes such as ours.  This remains the achilles heel of generic High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP).   

Our Investment Program means you invest in something tangibleOur Clients

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Something Special

Capital Formation Amplified:  A unique combination of interest compounding with equity or non-equity participation.  Designed for Discriminating Investors.  

Accelerated Returns

We are the only Investment Fund of its kind that provides accelerated ROI to our Investors.

Powerful Platform

Our program sits on a bank-level software platform that ensures stability, reliability and availability.  Data, content and all proprietary information is monitored and protected by redundant services 24/7.  

Very Easy to Use

Our User Account Management Interface is easy to use and feature rich.  We also provide in-depth real-time statistics to keep important information available whenever you need it.

Dependable Support

Dependable, reliable and capable are words we use to describe our Support personnel. The team is small but enthusiastic.  No outsourcing here! 

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