About Us

Who Are We?


mm1 Technology Fund, Inc.

The mm1TechnologyFund is a corporation registered in the United States. 

As a specialized business consultancy and capital raise firm, we tailor our services to meet the financial needs of our global clients.  

We Identify and develop ventures that open, redefine or enhance new or existing markets and leverage business models that have a positive impact in the Digital Futures ecosystem.

Managed by a seasoned team of professionals, we bring over forty years of experience in IT, Digital, Finance, FinTech and Business services.  

Our Team

Those Who Make It Happen

Luis Calabuig

Strategic Consultant

Luis brings a wealth of business acumen, experience and knowledge to this unique position. Luis advises on the overall strategy, execution, operations, oversight and technical functions of the company.

Paloma Inda

Operations Consultant

Paloma brings her considerable expertise and breadth of knowledge to this position. Paloma advises on all Fund-related operations to support growth and add to the bottom line of the company. She focuses on strategic planning and goal-setting of the company.

Luis Iranzo

Technology Services Consultant

Luis is highly qualified and suited to this challenging role. Luis advises on all technology operations and he evaluates them according to established goals. He helps the company to devise and establish IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by upper management, and to analyze the business requirements to determine their technology needs.

Sidney R. Stern

Member, Board of Directors

Sidney Stern has a proven track record of success in a variety of business arenas and with extensive operating, investing and financing experience with early-stage companies both inside and outside the commodity sector, Mr. Stern helps organizations identify business opportunities and works with operating teams to provide strategic and financial advice. Prior to recent years he was Director Of Research, Partner and Equity manager with private firms managing microcap funds for both wealthy Individuals and Institutional investors. Mr. Stern holds a BA from Harvard College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Theresa Auricchio

Member, Board of Directors

Theresa Auricchio is an accomplished and adaptable executive with unique perspective to see the big picture and communicate an exceptional understanding of technology to meet business need and drive success. Currently engaged as a highly sought consultant to governments and global brands providing all levels of IT expertise.

Pieter Dawson

Chairman, Board of Directors, CEO

Pragmatic Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur and Opportunist working in media , digital, and Internet technologies . Having spent over fifteen years as an Independent Consultant in the IT, Banking, Social and Leisure sectors for brands managing the leveraging of existing and cutting edge technology solutions, Pieter has exponentially driven positive revenue growth for companies globally in addition to millions of dollars in savings to his clients for operational costs.