The Fund

Something Different

The mm1TechnologyFund, was founded on four principles:  experience, necessity, ingenuity and opportunity.

Raising capital in today’s financial environment, is daunting and discouraging.  Capital, while highly abundant and available, has become exclusive to enterprises that meet more stringent requirements.  Gone are the days of great ideas and disruptive technologies finding their way to hungry investors looking to capitalize.  Today, challenges abound to source investment without an established product/service, market share, revenue and quantifiable success.  Both capital markets and investors have fallen prey to market-driven forces that have a negative impact to capital raising.  

As a result, available liquidity decreases, innovation stagnates, competition is negatively impacted and only ‘sure-thing’ opportunities get attention.  

To address these unusual challenges, we created the mm1TechnologyFund. 

The mm1TechnologyFund Charter, mandates that we focus our capital raise criteria in the Digital Futures arena.  We raise capital for enterprises that meet specific criteria:  Technology solutions that are highly innovative, specialized and uniquely positioned to address social, economic, political and environmental challenges.  Our clients must be environmentally sensitive, resource/infrastructure light and people-centric.

We raise investment liquidity through public/private international capital markets.  The process is proprietary and allows for aggressive liquidity accumulation for our clients. 

WHAT WE ARE:  A Unique Approach to Capital Raising

WHAT WE ARE NOT:  Equity Crowdfunding, Crowdfunding. Private Placement, Traditional Sources, Angel Investment, Venture Capital



We are innovators in the capital raise markets.  The mm1TechnologyFund sources and leverages FinTech technologies to benefit our clients.

In 2020, and beyond, we hope  to increase our client acquisition efforts to 3 or more per year.